Saturday, 5 July 2014

Up The Cliff!!!

It was second week of May 2013,was enjoying my summer vacation after last semester exam(hush!!!!!! finally they are over!!!) and was full of zeal and had planned for lot!! …… but seems like my TPO had other plan for me..!!/??? Wonderful afternoon and enjoying a cool breeze from  a 'fan stuck between water drill'. called air cooler :p … and a mail pops IN!!! Got my joining letter at TechMahindra. So unpredictable !!!!!!! Usually they come after result declaration..but it was quite exception here(Amravati University). So my “plans” said Good-Byeeee..hope to see u soon they said to me.As my plans packed their did I, but for Mumbai and for TechM. 17 June 2011, I joined! and training begun from very 1st day.. :x It was first time away from family, I was somewhere, surrounded from such diverse crowd. Had many thoughts which any fresher in MNC could have!! Will I survive?? and then. there a voice raised  from from within YES!! With that assertion I confirmed to myself !! YES I CAN! I chanted it like mantra!!and to my surprise 4 months went and i passed training and i realized that I took my first step to Climb my cliff of success, and then and there I had my moment of truth and started working to make the word impossible .. spells   “I M POSSIBLE”.
From that Instance there was no looking back and I started climbing up..up upppp…… but found that my equipment were not best to climb the cliff with ease. It was time for me to sharpen my tools and for that I needed a sharpener which could do that.
At very fine evening in Taj Hotel Colaba Mumbai at QS MBA World Tour, I met some exceptional personalities and did depicts that they got what i needed!!! They were delegates from Universal Business School.. and i was fully convinced that, what I was hunting for was MBA!! So here I am at Universal Business School sharpening my tools, to climb UP THE CLIFF!!!!!! :-)

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