Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to hunt a place for outings

When it comes to weekend, people often staggers and enters into deep thinking... and a big question where to gooo???
here are simple 5 ways to hunt a place for outing.

1. Micro Observation: Well! whats that?? here i explain...... many time answer lies in our surrounding, just we need to have that microscopic vision to identify it and tag it. There are many people involve in our routine, bosses, colleagues, helpers, people from other department (even you have just an acquaintance would do), just take a step n ask them, where do you stay?? is there a good place to hang around? is there any must have food in your area and you will definitely find one!! Bingooo!! u got it... and go and explore the place.
2. Talk less, Listen more: We got 2 ears and 1 mouth, so its obvious even nature wants us to listen more. This mantra works everywhere. When you listen, be alert and catch the words or listen if person talks about food, adventure or relaxation and then probe "where do you do it all??" and listen again, you will get thy answer!!

3. Google maps: Wonderful way is here 'Google Maps'. Try to navigate around all your places proximate to your current location. For this one must know the geographical symbols and signs used for beaches, forest, hills, terrains, rivers, parks, restaurants etc on map.Now u found a place ... just trace a route using directions on Google maps. Grab a cab or drive your own car and when your friends praise you for 'discovery', give a pat on your back
4. Social Inventories: Well!! everyone has lot of this in their kitty. Social media is a buzz.... and no its not fad but a trend. If you want to hang around for dinner/lunch/brunch, then website like Zomato.com provide reviews of almost all restaurant in your city. On facebook, twitter you can follow your friends where they went. Many times a restaurant has multiple city presence.. so if your friend visited a restaurant in Bangaluru...find it in your city. Apply this for other places you want to visit

5. Hay Way : Well most of you did follow this. But sometime now those who had tied knot and have families generally by pass this way. But for fun lovers this is best way. So without any plan move out randomly following signage, follow your instinct and you never know you may end up at the place of which you taught of before crossing your doorstep.

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