Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to hunt a place for outings

When it comes to weekend, people often staggers and enters into deep thinking... and a big question where to gooo???
here are simple 5 ways to hunt a place for outing.

1. Micro Observation: Well! whats that?? here i explain...... many time answer lies in our surrounding, just we need to have that microscopic vision to identify it and tag it. There are many people involve in our routine, bosses, colleagues, helpers, people from other department (even you have just an acquaintance would do), just take a step n ask them, where do you stay?? is there a good place to hang around? is there any must have food in your area and you will definitely find one!! Bingooo!! u got it... and go and explore the place.
2. Talk less, Listen more: We got 2 ears and 1 mouth, so its obvious even nature wants us to listen more. This mantra works everywhere. When you listen, be alert and catch the words or listen if person talks about food, adventure or relaxation and then probe "where do you do it all??" and listen again, you will get thy answer!!

3. Google maps: Wonderful way is here 'Google Maps'. Try to navigate around all your places proximate to your current location. For this one must know the geographical symbols and signs used for beaches, forest, hills, terrains, rivers, parks, restaurants etc on map.Now u found a place ... just trace a route using directions on Google maps. Grab a cab or drive your own car and when your friends praise you for 'discovery', give a pat on your back
4. Social Inventories: Well!! everyone has lot of this in their kitty. Social media is a buzz.... and no its not fad but a trend. If you want to hang around for dinner/lunch/brunch, then website like Zomato.com provide reviews of almost all restaurant in your city. On facebook, twitter you can follow your friends where they went. Many times a restaurant has multiple city presence.. so if your friend visited a restaurant in Bangaluru...find it in your city. Apply this for other places you want to visit

5. Hay Way : Well most of you did follow this. But sometime now those who had tied knot and have families generally by pass this way. But for fun lovers this is best way. So without any plan move out randomly following signage, follow your instinct and you never know you may end up at the place of which you taught of before crossing your doorstep.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Up The Cliff!!!

It was second week of May 2013,was enjoying my summer vacation after last semester exam(hush!!!!!! finally they are over!!!) and was full of zeal and had planned for lot!! …… but seems like my TPO had other plan for me..!!/??? Wonderful afternoon and enjoying a cool breeze from  a 'fan stuck between water drill'. called air cooler :p … and a mail pops IN!!! Got my joining letter at TechMahindra. So unpredictable !!!!!!! Usually they come after result declaration..but it was quite exception here(Amravati University). So my “plans” said Good-Byeeee..hope to see u soon they said to me.As my plans packed their bag..so did I, but for Mumbai and for TechM. 17 June 2011, I joined! and training begun from very 1st day.. :x It was first time away from family, I was somewhere, surrounded from such diverse crowd. Had many thoughts which any fresher in MNC could have!! Will I survive?? and then. there a voice raised  from from within YES!! With that assertion I confirmed to myself !! YES I CAN! I chanted it like mantra!!and to my surprise 4 months went and i passed training and i realized that I took my first step to Climb my cliff of success, and then and there I had my moment of truth and started working to make the word impossible .. spells   “I M POSSIBLE”.
From that Instance there was no looking back and I started climbing up..up upppp…… but found that my equipment were not best to climb the cliff with ease. It was time for me to sharpen my tools and for that I needed a sharpener which could do that.
At very fine evening in Taj Hotel Colaba Mumbai at QS MBA World Tour, I met some exceptional personalities and did depicts that they got what i needed!!! They were delegates from Universal Business School.. and i was fully convinced that, what I was hunting for was MBA!! So here I am at Universal Business School sharpening my tools, to climb UP THE CLIFF!!!!!! :-)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Emerging trends in Lifestyle TV channels in India

    Its been long back when "Doordarshan"- television was introduced in India with monopoly fo DD national . With entry of ZEE media in televisions it brought revolution and plethora of channels were launched. Form Ramayana's teaching to Shanti's drama. From kitchen of Sanjeev Kapoor in khana khajana to travelling around world with Renuka Shahane & Siddhart Kak in Surabhi, people now have a choice. With globalization and internet boom, the TV audience grew matured and hence it was time for a change and to come up with some odd. After all product differentiation is what that matters. NDTV caught this point and found no Indian player in segment of lifestyle. With TRP's going high for "Jaika India ka...." on NDTV news and Yartra on Star plus. NDTV identified this new market and in 2007 launched NDTV Goodtimes for those who loves to eat, roam and want to live a kings life. With its punch line "the King of Goodtimes" it was perfectly positioned in audience mind.

   Today if you like style and have a class of your own, what are you waiting for. NDTV good times is the right choice for you.This channel offers a variety of programs for all age groups and people from all walks of life. The channel is so western yet so Indian. Host are so much fun to watch and are just bindas.Ambika Soni hosts the hugely popular “Im too sexy for my shoes”, Rockey & Mayur with "High on my Plate" has became the brand ambassador of all Dhabas nation wide on highways. Aditya bal a model turned host make you salivate with taste of all local cusines pan India in "Chakh Le India!". Whereas Big fat Indian Wedding gave you idea how heavy duty it is to arrange an Indian wedding

With the following of me too pattern and after success of NDTV goodtime Fox traveler entered India in 2008. With not only Indian but international shows like Poh’s kitchen, Extreme tourism, Food Safari etc. The channel gain real popularity with launch of series highlighting the hidden facts of many cities in India hosted by renowned RJ Malishka -"It happens only in India". And the competition began. TCL, Explorer, Travel trendz, Travel xp etc also entered the market. And soon the leaders realized to shift focus from traveling and food to a complete lifestyle package.  
          NDTV goodtime started the new trend with programs for daddies  to children, from your garden to pets, health & wellness etc. As a result of this NDTV goodtimes was able to set its mark in this industry. Soon follow the series on Travel xp which covers various festival from around the India like ran-utsav, horn bill festival, shows like “bada aur chota weekend” ,69 cocktail they started as if canvassing the tourists for various travel packages. The TRP rating says it all, as it gained quite popularity. On the other hand Fox traveler was getting more Indianised  with shows like “life mein ek baar”, “what’s with Indian men??” it cut the shares of NDTV goodtimes for shows like “life’s a beach” , “one life to love” .


From food and travelling these channels had came far way targeting individual from yoga to diet, from wedding to things one must do in life, from pets to garden, from waste to zest, spirituality to heritage and culture. As a result of this compition among lifestyle TV channels in India and world,  Lifestyle programming got recognized as an important genre by the TV industry.Sometimes known as factual entertainment or ‘daytime format’, programs in this category reflect either the kinds of lives we aspire to living or allow us to peep into the lives of others and hence it create a latent demand among its audience once the show reaches the maturity level and thats the reason the trends of this industry is ever changing.
 No wonder if tomorrow they have a show for infants or even hosting to understand life after death…. Because its all about life, its about style,